We help you pursue your talent and develop your photographic skills
in a fun and enjoyable setting

Well, in case you are wondering, we love photography 😀 and if you are here chances are that you love it just as much. So we prepared a set of courses to help you develop your knowledge, starting from scratch. We also have intermediate to advanced and tailor made courses if you would like to have it your way. From time to time we also organize workshops and outdoor activities, some of which are free, so if you're interested check out this page every now and then.

Here is the line up of the currently ongoing courses:

€ 195
1 lesson of 6 hours

This course condenses what you need to know about photography in a one day crash course that lasts 6 hours plus 1/2 hour break.

The program is designed for those who prefer to experiment by their self but need guidance to get acquainted with the technologies involved as well as the fundamentals of the photographic technique.

The course is designed to take you from ordinary snapshots to photos made with a technical background.

Course registration schedule on request:

€ 185
5 lessons (of which one individual)

If a photograph ever impressed you and sparked curiosity on how it was made, if you believe that photography goes beyond technology but you need to learn the basics, and, finally, if you also believe that photography can help express your ideas and your feelings, this is the course for you.

The program takes you in four steps, split in 4 different days of 2 hours each, to a level where you will be able to express your vision in photography with a simple, fun and practical approach.

Next course starts July 26th at 18:30

Post production
€ 175
3 lessons of 2 hours each

Step into the post production and take your skill to the next level, learning the fundamentals of Adobe Lightroom (comparable to other products such as Aperture and Adobe Camera Raw) to edit your photos and render them at their best. We teach you, step by step, how to handle and process your photos from the click to the printer.

Registration schedule on request:



Coming soon!